Doing Battle

During my morning bible study I tend to have my mind go elsewhere on occasion. I expect most people struggle with that problem. This morning I was rereading, for a third time, a section from my Beth Moore devotional called “Jesus, The One and Only” (which is completely amazing). Today’s focus is about how Jerusalem and so many would not accept Jesus and he wanted so much to take care of them. (See Luke 13:34)

Luke 13:34

The part that bothers me this morning is that I completely read over this part without a second thought, ” The Judgement that should have come to us came to Christ instead.” ¬†God, give me a mindset and heart that is centered on you. I hate that I am at a place this morning where this doesn’t break my heart and have me jumping for joy at the same time!
I wonder if it’s because I have been battling with something lately that I am determined to overcome. I will take any prayers you want to send my way. It has me wondering what thorn was in Paul’s side. It also reminds me of a message I heard from Beth Moore where she talked about something she struggled with and she blew my mind when she recounted a time she was talking to God about it. She was telling Him something like how proud she would be if she could overcome it and she caught herself. She would be proud… God has no use for our pride, does He? I have plenty of faults I would rather God use to keep me humble. (My theology may be a little off in that last statement, but hopefully you get my gist.)
I pray that I fight hard against this until I am in the grave. While we do come against difficult circumstances that God allows Satan to bring into our lives, let them just drive us to our knees that much more! I pray for deliverance. I want to stay in the word consistently. I’ve been on my face in prayer more lately than in a long time. I just needed to put on “paper” what my brain has been stewing on lately. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here. May God strengthen us in our daily battles against the flesh.

Lay your troubles down at His feet. He wants so very badly to carry them for you. You need to fight but get on your knees and ask Him do this battle for you, too.
That unrest you feel in your chest? He wants to take that for you.

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