Making it Work


Twin moms out there or any mom!  How do you do it?!  My boys are 15 months old.  I am both completely happy and completely overwhelmed at the same time.  How do you find time to keep the house in shape?  How do you find the time to keep you in shape?  When do you meal plan, for them and for you?!  How can I become super mom?!  Oh, yes… and keep the husband happy.

I worry that it’s not possible.  I will try my best though.   But you know what…  Some day I don’t want to try and I just want to veg out, and think that’s okay as long as it is far from the norm.  Couch and cuddle day boys!  Well, not today but they happen.

Next question.  Is a routine really possible with 15 month old boys?  The only time that is semi-predictable is 5 A.M.  For the past several weeks that is when I have set my alarm to go off so I can get my workout and shower in without interruption.  While 5 in the morning is tough to do, I COMPLETELY love it!  I pack a little (actually anytime I pack it is never little) bag of workout clothes and what I will wear for the day.  I grab that when I leave our bedroom  and walk VERY quietly past the boys room to the downstairs where I drink the miracle drink called E&E (Energy and Endurance) and change for my workout.  Right now ShaunT is kicking my butt with Max:30.  I am not sure where it comes from but I have a drive in my heart to be lean, healthy, and strong!  If only my stomach wouldn’t be so needy, maybe I would be there much quicker.  …but I will be patient with myself and my failings and keep pushing.  Giving up would be like slashing my other 3 tires because I had one flat!


I would love to hear what habits have helped give you success!  Help!

Recipe of the day:  Chocolate Banana Mug cake


1 small banana

1.5 tsp peanut butter

1 heaping TBS cocoa powder

1 tsp honey

1 egg beaten

Crushed nuts optional

(I may have added some semi sweet morsels after I cooked it)


blend all ingredients in microwave safe mug, microwave 2.5 minutes


Tomorrows barrage of questions will be about:  How do I not get hungry while following 21 Day Fix nutrition guide AND Insanity Max:30 workouts!?

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