Never Stop Growing

I have recently discovered that many of John Maxwell’s books are on YouTube.  There is an enormous amount of inspiring content on YouTube!  …a ton of trash but so much good stuff!  If you get time, please listen to one of his books.  You may think that the topics don’t apply to you.  I don’t plan to be a leader.  I don’t want to be a leader!  Let me tell you that they will help you be a better person.

At some point during my twin pregnancy, I became bitter.  I’m sure that sounds unusual.  There is such hype about having twins!  Such a blessing (and they are)!  I’m not telling you this story because I am proud of it.  Anyway, I was bitter because we would never get to experience what it was like to just have one baby to focus on.  My husband and I struggled to get out when we didn’t have children… how would we ever get out with TWINS?!  I know life isn’t “normal” with kids but we would never get that normalcy others get to experience.

     In life it is so easy to focus on the difficulties and the negatives, and not only on the negatives, but on yourself.

    I am definitely getting sidetracked here.   So let me sum it up.  I had a difficult pregnancy and with 6 week premature babies who weighed 4 pounds and didn’t nurse until full term.  I had a rough season in my life.   While in the hospital, life was all about me.  When people saw me they had lots of questions, so I always talked about me.  Pregnancy, hospitalization, and afterwards seemed to revolve around me…  One day I woke up and realized how selfish, self centered, self serving, and unhappy I had become.

a day of your life

     I don’t think that time had to be that tough.  I spent all my time focused on myself, my needs (or my kids needs).  I wish I could go back and make myself spend more time listening to Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, or reading my bible.  Finding something positive to read or think about.   Maybe ask someone else about how they were doing for once!

I am a Beachbody coach and they really encourage growing yourself by spending at least 10-15 minutes a day on personal development.  I have found that helping others reach their goal IS the ultimate goal.  I know we hear it all the time about money not being what is important.  It does pay the bills and is very important but when it comes down to it and your time is up, what have you done to make the world better?  Have you carried someone else’s burden?  Have you just listened to someone today?  I am realizing that listening is a TOUGH and very hard skill to learn!  It takes selflessness.

My challenge for you today:  Make an effort to imagine or realize that everyone you run into is dealing with something or having a tough time.  Smile and encourage them.  We all fall short.  I pray you don’t think you are perfect.  Remember that others aren’t either.  Extend some grace today and find some positive material to help you learn how to be a better you!


b afraid of being the same

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