Week 15

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How far along:  15 weeks

Maternity clothes:  Oh yes.  I am definitely not fitting into my old shirts.  The pants haven’t been fitting for awhile now.

Stretch marks:  Not yet!  I try to lather up well with lotion every evening.

Sleep:  It’s been better!  Still up to pee a lot but that seems to have improved a tiny bit too.

Best moment of this week:  Feeling Baby B move for the first time and getting up to in time to have Scott feel it too!   From the last ultrasound we couldn’t tell if it was a boy like the other, so I think it’s a girl.   Nothing is in stone yet but the name Rebecca came to me when I felt the movement.

Worst moment of this week:  I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like I couldn’t breath!  It was so scary!  I was a little congested and didn’t know if that was the cause or if my body was telling me something was wrong.  I started breathing hard and then I think my mind and the darkness made me begin hyperventilating.  I finally woke Scott and he helped calm me.  I read my Bible and listened to Hillsong and was able to fall back asleep.  Thankfully it has been an isolated event so far.

Miss anything?:  I cannot lie.  I will miss the pumpkin spice and fall beer flavors, haha.  I continue to mourn cookie dough.

Movement:  I felt Baby B move some and finally felt Baby A!   I would compare the feeling to carrying around a fish in a bag from the fair.  🙂  So strange and precious.

Food cravings:  I don’t know that you would call it a craving but I have been taking advantage of being at a Starbucks three times this week and getting a decaf Java Chip.   Soo good!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I still struggle a bit with the smell of my belly lotion.  Still don’t think I could handle an avocado.

Have you started to show yet:  More than a little.

Belly button in or out:  In.  Scott says this will be a real struggle for him if it pops out.  I think at that point it will be the least of our concerns.

Mood(s):  Pretty good!  The cats incessant meowing still vexes me.   Not a new development though.

Looking forward to:  Passing week 20.  My Twin book by Dr. Barbara Luke says that is the time when twin pregnancy miscarriage decreases.

Fun twin fact:  Multiples generally develop faster than singletons do.

My wonderful husband:   Scott continues to take great care of me.  I sometimes even play an Ice cream truck ringtone song to signal that I’m ready for my nightly chocolate milkshake in bed.


In attempts to keep from experiencing another scary shortness of breath episode I have invested in a wonderful Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier and Breath Right strips.  I am also trying to sleep primarily on my left side.  So far so good!

I also had an appointment with a physical therapist for upper back pain this week.  Very enlightening!!!   If you are interested in details let me know and I’ll be happy to tell you all about it.  She mainly measured me to get me into a belt/harness type thing to help with support.  She recommended wearing a sports bra two to help giving more support to my spine at the level of my diaphragm where my pain is the worst.  She’s recommended I stay in my orthotics 24/7 which has become a huge pain.   And I am not to cross my legs or get into my car or a chair without keeping my legs together like I have a tight skirt on.   (This is harder to remember than you may think…)

I also found this precious dress today and HAD to get it!  Since we did not see boy parts on Baby B I am really thinking it’s a girl.  Though we wont find out for sure until Sept 19!

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 Until next week.   May God continue to bless our babies with perfect health and help them be delivered as full term healthy babies!

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